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power draw of an AG/SAG mill to drop can be gauged by switching the discharge mechanism choice in the model from grate to overflow when predicting the power draw of an AG/SAG mill. 4 Figure 1 Measured vs Predicted Motor Input Power 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000

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The voltage always is consistent and there is no significant process change during SAG mill operation." I understand from this that you have an approximate 20A current draw difference between the two motors? I also assume that 7300kW is the TOTAL mill power draw, or is it the power draw of EACH motor?

Grinding mills: how to accurately predict their power draw


Grinding mills: how to accurately predict their power draw. In total 76 data sets were generated covering the power draws of ball, SAG and AG mills in the range 7 7900 kW.

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Mill Power Draw Models. The mill power draw models are used to predict how much power will be consumed by a particular type of mill, mill geometry and set of mill operating conditions. This power is transferred to the ore and used to predict the throughput when combined with the specific energy consumption models.

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reference and relative power draw formulas presented here will provide you the best overall characterization of the power draw of your SAG mill. 1-1: The Basic or Reference SAG Mill Power Draw Formula The following formula can be used to calculate SAG mill power draw as a function of mill operating conditions.